FXML builders detection

When you’re in the custom control business, you need hooks into the main framework to get the controls supported well. One of the features of JavaFX is the FXML UI notation format, it allows the coder to define (parts of) a scene with more ease and readability. FXML already is a pretty flexible and open technology, using reflection and the Java Bean standard (aka setters and getters) to try and automatically setup a control according to the values in the FXML file. But there are always situations that don’t fit.

One of those situation is the JFXtras CalendarTextField control and then specifically the date format properties. In the Java API these properties take instances of DateFormat, either a single one, or even a whole list. FXML at the moment does not know how to convert a string to DateFormat. So the dateFormat and dateFormats attributes below result in errors.

<?import javafx.scene.control.*>
<?import javafx.scene.layout.*?>
<?import jfxtras.labs.scene.control.*?>

<VBox xmlns:fx="http://javafx.com/fxml">
        <CalendarTextField dateFormat="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" dateFormats="yyyy-MM-dd, yyyy-MM, yyyy"/>

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Using CSS in JavaFX to keep the API clean

As a notorious skeptic, the usage of CSS for styling in JavaFX to me was something of a “yeah, nice, but we’ll see how it works out.”. There are some doubts in how CSS will work out when complete skins (like Synthetica for Swing) are created, in combination with third party controls. But last week I had a situation that won me over to the “it’s good” side.

A user of one of my controls, CalendarPicker in JFXtras, came to me and told me about their usage of the control. They had integrated it in their application and styled it Windows 8 alike using CSS. But, he said, our graphical designer wants the arrows of the month and year selector to be on either side of the value, and the value centered instead of left aligned. Shown below is the default UI for CalendarPicker and as you can see, it is not as the designer wants:


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Supporting JSR310 (Jodatime) in JFXtras

Probably everyone is exited that Oracle is finally picking up the highly dubious date time implementation in Java called Calendar. It is interesting to see that large companies like Sun really have problems getting something as seemingly simple as date and time implemented correctly. Of course there are two sides to the problem, first there are all the intricacies of date and time, like time zones and other more or less subtle problems (this is where Date went wrong). And secondly there is the implementation aspect, where for 99% of the usages a date or time is considered an immutable value, like a number, easy to use for a developer (this is where Calendar went wrong, just take a look at the output of toString()).

Now, there are reasons why there is a CalendarPicker and not a DatePicker in JFXtras. And the primary reason is that Calendar has a notion of locality, which Date has not; for example in Germany the week starts on a different day (Monday) than in the USA (Sunday).



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